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    Anger in Recovery

    November 2, 2022Dear God, good morning. I am always happy to write to you, Jesus. Every morning I open my little brown book, God’s Promises for every day. I open a page in the book and then write about the topic every morning. Today’s reading is about “What to do when you feel angry?” Wow, my anger gets me into trouble, and sometimes  I snap. For example, Desiree is a neighbor that lives downstairs from us. Desire assaulted an employee at CVS and was barred for life.I have to pray for my enemy, Desiree is a fighter, and I’m not. But I was angry at her for telling me to.…

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    Recovery and Higher Power

    September 7, 2022 Dear God, good morning. I was in a meeting this morning, and it’s been a wonderful day so far. In my fellowship, we talked about you, Jesus, or they say a Higher Power. On the 319 meeting, Tina’s hour was about, “God is everything, or else he is nothing. God either is, or he isn’t.” Pg 53 from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. This was a big pill for me to swallow. I struggled my whole life without you, Jesus. I came to the fellowship not knowing what to expect. I remember the old timers who were sohba for years telling me I had a threefold…

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    God and the Last Step to Faith

    August 24, 2022 Dear God I am frustrated with getting close to You and letting You in. God. I am so close to surrendering to You, to completely letting You in. Being my friend, my confidant, my support, loving me like no human can. I want You in my life, God. To hold me during those oh-so-dark times that I go through too many times. I am so close to God. You are so there for me. It’s not even a whole step I have to make, a half a step or even less. I keep reaching out to You, but it seems I keep missing You. I need You…

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    July 15, 2022 Good morning, Dear God. It’s my niece’s birthday, and I can’t believe she’s twenty—seven years old. Where did the time go? Happy birthday Yasmina (baby-gir). I was telling you about my introduction to the fellowship Jesus. My second meeting was at a lecture hall at Harvard University. As I entered the hall, I noticed only men were in the meeting. I saw that these men talked about their lovers. I thought they were compassionate and so loving regarding their wives. So I thought, Wow, men have feelings? Then they had a break during the meeting. Many were gay, and I didn’t know it was a men’s gay…

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    Experience Strength and Hope

    July 12, 2022 Dear God, good morning. My sister Denise called me, telling me how she had died twice, but the EMTs kept her alive. My sister is an addict whose suffering without fellowship. We both listened to the 319 meeting. She liked it. I told Denise she could be dead right now. On the streets, drug dealers are lacing fentanyl with other drugs. I’ve lost most of my sohba friends. There are a few of us still alive. They found my sister unconscious and unresponsive. I’m so sad that happened to her. I told her that she could have been raped, killed, or died. She wants wonderful help. I…

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    Mental Illness in Recovery

    Good morning Dear God. Poor Roman returned to the hospital within the last month, Roman’s third time going into the hospital. Please make his doctor put Roman back on his new medicine. When Roman came home from the previous hospitalization, the hospital doctor put him on a new treatment, Trileptal medication, which helped Roman so he won’t hear voices or think that people were trying to hurt him. I’m agitated this morning because Roman has a heart of Gold. And Roman should not suffer because of his original doctor, Tod. The Doctor at Saint Elizabeth told Tod and Greg that Roman was on a new treatment and ready to leave…

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    June 21, 2022 Good morning, God. Years ago, I wrote to you in two-thousand and fourteen when I was still in the throws of my alcoholism, and I was now going out drinking as much as possible. It is very dangerous for a woman to be by herself. Usually, I go out with my so-called girlfriends. But I didn’t care. I went out one night, and I had my pool stick and wanted to play pool for drinks at this scummy place where drug dealers hang out, alcoholics, like myself, and the gang members of the Bloods hang out there too, but they never bothered me. My poor husband was…

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    Attitude of Gratitude

    Gratitude List June 14, 2022   God has done so much for me. Like keeping me sane and sober these past 11 years. During my depression, He was there for me. God has put so many great spiritual people in my path.   A.A.  The program keeps me sober the fellowship keeps me sane. The 12 steps keep me on the path to God and getting closer to people.   Geri has been by my side off and on for 35 years. At one time, she was my rock and go-to person. Her faith in God and the program attracted me to her. The work she has done is incredible.…

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    Step 10 by Billy Puffy

    How do I utilize step 10 daily? Step 10 is one of the most important steps to me. In Step 10 my inventory needs to be checked every day. If there are any negative actions, I need to rectify them since there is always room for improvement on my part. I notice that there are the little things that go missing if not continuously kept in check. When I take time in the morning to say the Acceptance prayer, I do not react harshly to minor mishaps that can cause road rage while driving or getting upset in places where many people congregate that usually create tension like people pushing…

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    Recovery and the Holy Spirit

    June 1, 2022 Good morning, Dear God. We need to go food shopping. Then at eight-thirty, I read Terri my dear God’s letter, and we move to recovery issues about my resentments list. It seems that my resentment list is getting larger. My first resentment was against Santa Claus, and I also put him on my list. Today the Holy Spirit helps in my recovery. Today’s reading writes, “Jesus is your “Security” today in my life. I truly believe that you, Jesus, changed my soul to be graceful, loving, kind, speak the truth, and have love for everyone that’s touched my heart. And for those who drive eighty miles an…

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