• relapse
    Alcoholism,  denial,  Fellowship,  Shame

    Relapse in Detail

    September 2, 2022 Dear God, good morning. Yesterday, I was writing about the last time I was out drinking. I wanted to be a “Social Drinker,” and I meant it! I wanted my cake and eat it too, and I wanted to drink alcohol without any consequences or problems. I was heading toward relapse! When bartending at the Disabled American Veterans (DAV), Many bikers were now coming down to the DAV, it was a clubhouse for them. They would do the ice bucket challenge outside to the new prospects. Watching some tough biker guys scared of the ice bucket challenge was hilarious. I got to know a few guys personally,…

  • trust
    Adversity,  Anxiety,  Gratitude,  self-will,  Shame

    Misplaced Trust in the Fellowship

    June 23, 2022 Dear God, good morning. Yesterday was an emotional day. A woman in the fellowship scammed me. Sandy B. Sandy B lied to me about getting fifty thousand dollars from a fake agency called Better Community Development Program. (BCDP). This program is for underprivileged individuals, low-income families, and people(s). Sandy said her cousin received thousands of dollars from the BCDP Government Agency. The agency was giving away free grants, anywhere up to two-hundred-thousand dollars. Thus, I was thinking about my family’s future. Sandy B created an account using someone’s identity and picture on Facebook And made up a link to this woman’s name Ms. Williams. This Williams lady was…

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