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    Holy Spirit Is Within Us

    August 29, 2022 Dear God,  Do I need to get baptized again to receive the “Holy Spirit?” It says it in the Scripture. I’ve been baptized as a baby but not as an adult. Do I need to get baptized in my adulthood? According to my experience, I felt the presence of you, God. It was when I was weeping for help last year, and I felt a warm feeling around my body. Then the crying stopped. And I believe that you held me that morning. I knew I felt a sense of peace wash over me that morning. The book God’s Promises for every day writes, “You should know…

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    Spiritual Awakening in Progress

    August 21, 2022   Dear God, good morning. Thank you for Jeanne. She’s a love bug and looks a little like Joan Jet. Yesterday, Jeanne was worried and felt something terrible, and she texted me, “Answer your phone.” Jeanne is so funny. Then she called me. We spoke for forty-five minutes. I love spending time with Jeanne. Her humor is laughable; she speaks her mind and doesn’t hold back. She’s adorable and lovable too. Thank you for Jeanne. She lives a beautiful spiritual life. Today’s reading from God’s Promises is about coming closer to God daily. It writes, “Then Jesus said, “I’ am the bread that gives life. Whoever comes…

  • Grace
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    I Have God’s Grace in my Heart

    July 8, 2022 Dear God, good morning. I’ve been up since three, and I’m tired, but I wanted to write to you. Today’s reading from God’s Promises for every day it writes. “What The Bible has to say about, The Return of Christ.” I do believe in heaven because the Bible says it. They said, Men of Galilee, why are you standing here looking into the sky? Jesus, whom you saw taken up from you into heaven, will come back the same way you saw him go.”  Act 1:11 From what I’ve read, Jesus, the angels will come down from the heavens, and war will break out between good and…

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    Attitude of Gratitude

    Gratitude List June 14, 2022   God has done so much for me. Like keeping me sane and sober these past 11 years. During my depression, He was there for me. God has put so many great spiritual people in my path.   A.A.  The program keeps me sober the fellowship keeps me sane. The 12 steps keep me on the path to God and getting closer to people.   Geri has been by my side off and on for 35 years. At one time, she was my rock and go-to person. Her faith in God and the program attracted me to her. The work she has done is incredible.…

  • Patience Encouragement
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    Patience and encouragement

    June 15, 2022   Dear God, good morning. I had a good night’s sleep, thank you, Jesus. Today’s reading talks about trusting you, sweet Jesus, when I’m weak and sometimes feel hopeless. You came to me and lifted my spirit. I need to believe in you more. When I feel stressed and overwhelmed, I write to you, which helps me get closer to you, and then the stress disappears. Your golden name is “Prince of Peace.” According to God’s Promises for every day., “But the Spirit produces the fruit of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.” Galatians 5:22-23 Your Spirit lives inside me now. Your fruits help…

  • higher power
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    Higher Power

    June 14, 2022   Good morning, God. today’s reading is about “Walking away from God.”  Yes, I walked away from you many times because I simply would not believe in you, Jesus. I had a soul sickness of not believing in you or any religions. I knew about you through the fellowship, and I didn’t realize that I was stubborn, arrogant, self-absorbed, not connecting with others in the fellowship, and not reading the Big Book or the Twelve Steps And Twelve Traditions. I have been a runner my whole life. Our Step book contains many paragraphs about the atheist man or woman. It writes: “Let’s look first at the case…

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    Step 10 by Billy Puffy

    How do I utilize step 10 daily? Step 10 is one of the most important steps to me. In Step 10 my inventory needs to be checked every day. If there are any negative actions, I need to rectify them since there is always room for improvement on my part. I notice that there are the little things that go missing if not continuously kept in check. When I take time in the morning to say the Acceptance prayer, I do not react harshly to minor mishaps that can cause road rage while driving or getting upset in places where many people congregate that usually create tension like people pushing…

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