• mental-Illness
    Anxiety,  depression,  mental illness,  recovery,  Sadness,  survival

    Mental Illness in Recovery

    Good morning Dear God. Poor Roman returned to the hospital within the last month, Roman’s third time going into the hospital. Please make his doctor put Roman back on his new medicine. When Roman came home from the previous hospitalization, the hospital doctor put him on a new treatment, Trileptal medication, which helped Roman so he won’t hear voices or think that people were trying to hurt him. I’m agitated this morning because Roman has a heart of Gold. And Roman should not suffer because of his original doctor, Tod. The Doctor at Saint Elizabeth told Tod and Greg that Roman was on a new treatment and ready to leave…

  • anger survival
    Adversity,  Anger,  Resentment,  Strength,  survival


    June 20, 2022 Dear Good, good morning. The reading is about anger-survival It’s taken me up until now to work on my anger. I was explosive when I got angry at a young age. Yes, I was furious when I was little. At the age of ten, the Department of Social Services {DSS} decided to separate me from my siblings. My world fell apart. I was angry and my heart was broken. I was devastated, DSS didn’t let me say goodbye to my sisters and brother. DSS took me from school and placed me into another foster home. I hated my Social Worker, she apparently didn’t care about the fact…

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