• Stress
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    Everyday Stress

    July 17, 2022 Dear God, good morning. “God’s Promises for every day,” today’s reading is “What to do when you are Frantic and Stressed.” This is a big order, and I get frantic and stressed out. I know I can breathe, pause to calm me down, or I have to go to my room and cry or write to you, Jesus. Roman came in the room saying a guy said, “Be safe, Roman.” Just what Roman needs to hear. He is terrified of people, especially when his schizophrenia flares up. I have to live with someone who suffers from that illness. Thank you, God, for teaching me patience this morning.…

  • bipolar
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    Bipolar and Alcoholism

    May 13, 2022,   Dear God, good morning. Went to a meeting this morning. I was feeling lost. Maybe it’s the depression coming back. I feel lonely. Why do I feel this way? I hate it. In the year of two-thousand and five, I was diagnosed with another illness, bipolar 1. It sucks having this illness. My girlfriend took me to the hospital because I had a bad episode of mixed emotions. When I discovered that I was labeled Bipolar, I was pissed off at the doctor. I was in a manic state of being angry, and I didn’t know how to calm myself down. My energy level was off…

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