• faith
    Adversity,  Anxiety,  Fear,  God

    Faith in Grieving

    August 28, 2021 Dear Heavenly Father, please help my father-in-law Byron. Please don’t take him. He must have another heart surgery. My poor Fernando is devastated over his father’s health. This will be a test of faith. Please help Fernando during these difficult days. Please ease my worried mind. The first thing that came to mind was Byron, and tears poured down my cheek. I love Byron. He’s funny, and we had lots of fun when visiting Fernando’s father. Biron took us all over Ecuador. We always laughed together. We had beautiful moments; please, dear sweet Jesus, keep him with us. I’m begging you to heal Biron. I love him…

  • strength
    Faith,  Love,  Strength,  wisdom

    Strength in Recovery

    August 9, 2021 Dear Jesus, today I’m tired, but I forgot to say good morning to You. I am much better now. Please help me if I am to take a computer class, I will benefit from it. And hopefully, I can find a nanny job after taking the Red Cross first aid and CPR. This is what I need to work with children. There’s a lot on my plate. Please help me, dear Jesus, to stop worrying. I completely trust You today. You make miracles happen. Please HELP me be strong, and please give me all the love and strength I need. I need to get a part-time job…

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