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        July 2, 2022 Dear God, good morning. Today’s reading talks about “Peace” They call you Jesus, the “Prince of Peace.” In God Promises for every day speaks about the peace you give us freely. I feel peace in my soul for you when I pray. According to my book, it states: “A child has been born to us; He will be responsible for leading the people. His name will be Wonderful Counselor, Powerful God, Father Who Lives Forever, Prince of Peace. Power and peace will be in his kingdom and will continue to grow forever…The Lord All-Powerful will do this because of his love for his people. Isaiah…

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    Depression Coping Skills

    May 7, 2022   Dear God, good morning. I woke up at three this morning, and the trouble is I can’t go back to sleep. I can’t even take naps. And it sucks! Today’s reading is about “What to do when you feel depressed?” Jesus, you’ve helped me cope with my depression. I can’t handle the depression. Before, I couldn’t get out of bed. The depression crippled me. I would get up, wash up, and then go back to the bedroom and into the bed. No food, just feeling lost in the depression. It consumed me daily and then monthly. I hated how I felt, I could barely eat, and…

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